Children’s Programs
Our children's programs will help your child grow and learn life skills as well as karate. Karate is a fun, safe activity for kids of all ages. We have group classes for all ages and ability levels as well as personal lessons. Our introductory packages let you try out the exact classes you are interested in.

Our proven curriculum will help develop balance, coordination, strength, self-control, respect, and self-discipline, all while your child is having fun in a safe, positive environment. What could be better?

As students progress through the curriculum, they will earn colored belts and awards. Our program is designed so that Kids and Youth can set achievable goals appropriate to their individual abilities, and make regular and real progress.  

Adult Programs
Karate is a lifelong sport - it is never too late to start. Our adult programs get you in shape while mastering self-defense techniques.

While physical fitness and self defense capability are the focus of this program, we also want our members to have fun, so the classes are run in relaxed and positive, yet serious and focused, atmosphere.

The adult group classes are also 45 minutes classes and are divided into beginner/intermediate level and advanced/senior level classes. There are 4 scheduled sessions per week for each group

Whether you are looking for self-improvement for yourself of your child, call Villari’s for a consultation and ask about our schedule.


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